Friday, 13 February 2009

Rosie's Roses!

With my new ambitions to make more of my blog, I am also going to add more picures to my blog - being comfortable with resizing and posting pictures is something I have to come to grips with too, so here is my effort!
These three signs with painted roses are the first three things I posted on eBay way back in May of 2005. All three are in different styles, and this was an important time in my mission to learn to paint roses. At the time, I absorbed every bit of information I could find about how to paint the flowers I love most and at this time I was buying painting books and patterns through eBay from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK (when the occassional one came up!) and even from Israel! Almost very artist I could find who painted florals or roses - I added to my collection.
These three signs are painted using three different designers patterns from the books I bought between 2004 and 2005. The small rose is adapted from a Jenise Jackson design, and the two roses on the blue sign behind are an adaptation of a Pam Childress design. The roses on the cream ground are from a pattern by Connie Parkinson in her book called A Classy Affair.
Connie is a fabulous painter who paints the most gorgeous roses, and she teaches at conventions and seminars throughout the USA and Canada, as well as publishing books, pattern packs, videos, dvd.s, and articles for painting magazines, and she has been an enormous inspiration and help to me in my quest to learn how to paint. I will try to post a link to her website so you can have a look-see! I am not sure if I can do that here so will check out the options! Prepare to drool when you look through her work -a feast for the eyes!

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