Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Adding pictures

My poor sad little blog - no attention since before Christmas so here goes the first few pictures for all the lovely people at my various craft events who have asked about a webiste.

At the moment, I am afraid there is no dedicated website, but I will add pictures when I can for you to see the range I do.

Only a few today though as I am only on a break from painting! I agreed to do the Westcliff Art Trail again this week, but because I have been so busy with craft sales and orders and builders redoing my kitchen, as well as the Photoshop and DSLR Camera classes I do during the week, this has been put on the bottom of the pile and I have finally reached it!

Therefore in my coffee break I write this and will add a few shots and come back to it when I can .

Here are a couple of photos taken of my stall last September at the Leigh Regatta and Village Green events in Chalkwell Park! A mix of seaside and vintage chic signs, tags, accessories and decorations!