Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Nautical Signs


I am going to publish several photos (not all of them good either I am afraid!) of some of the signs I do with a nautical flair, as I have been previously talking with a lot of people who are interested in them.

I am doing this, so that should people be interested in what I make can look though this and find the photos!

I know there are photo sites around and I also know that I could do them on Facebook, but I am not crazy about FB, and for now this will suit, so forgive me for repetive content!

Any of the signs are available in colours to suit decors, and if you want something special and individual do contact me and I will do what I can.

I presently sell through Not On The High Street and eBay and will happily post any orders through either. My desire is to have a dedicated website, but with my limited techno abilities, that may have to wait.

I will get there with a website as soon as I can - that will be a priority for me in the coming months, but for now, my blog wil have to be my contact.

At the moment, Christmas is upon us, and with that I have booked into several shows for the season and thus I am within a sea of projects!

I will post pictures of Seaonal Christmas stock as soon as I can!


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