Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Santa Claus is on his way!

This is the other side of the Snowman in the Meadow set!

Ho, Ho, Ho!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hiya, I got your comment, thanks so much. It takes a little while to work out how everything works on here. Your friends vintage fashion fair sounds fab, unfortunately I am at the other end of the country (insert unhappy face) but you must take some photos at the next one and post them on your blog, I would love to see X

red handed jill said...

Sharon, It is me, Leslie Slavens. Somehow we lost track a few years ago, have not exchanged xmas cards in a couple years. I cannot find your address? I googled you and here you are! my email is lslavens@yahoo.com So glad to see you are doing well. Your great talents are serving you well and you seem to have business skills as well?
I am planning on moving to England, of course I thought of you! We seem to have a lot in common with our career paths and yet also different. Write me and let me know the whole sitch.