Thursday, 12 June 2008

A New Beginning - Roses, Art and So-on!

Ok- This is something completely new for me - a blog! For most people this is not a big deal, but for someone not totally confident (well - more 'not confident' at all!) with computers and stuff, well this is a big thing!

Roses, teacups, fabrics and art - these are the elements which inspire me to paint and create. I have loved roses since childhood - in the garden, in paintings, on greeting cards, on fabric for both curtains and cushions and dresses and bags, and more recently on furniture and decorative items.

The Shabby, Vintage, Retro style which is so popular now is just THE look, THE lifestyle, THE art-style which I feel suits me the best, and I love the look. I find vintage textiles, wallpaper and china bric a brac and tea sets, so, so inspriring, and I while away hours on the computer or with my nose in books and magazines, looking for images to absorb into my brain box, sorting it away for inspiration for some future project. I am drawn to the beauty of that faded grand era of the past - so perfect in it's day and no less beautiful, but with fading, or scratches, or chips or stains, it has an honest and loved feeling to it!

Now - since blogs, I have discovered a whole world of people around the world with similar interests and loves and I find I can lose myself reading about the lives and loves of others and this is what has led me to face my fear of computers and stuff and get on with it.

I will be back with more and am hoping this even gets to where I intend it to!

Catch you later!



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I love the photo. Pam x x